Moreschi accordions are produced by expert craftsmen from Castelfidardo whose knowledge has been handed down from father to son since the beginning of the last century.


In 1910, the 18 years old Giuseppe Moreschi started making accordions in the basement of his house in Via C Battisti, following the now established traditions of accordion makers in the town. Soon he would be recognised as an able artisan and the accordions he made were appreciated for their quality and construction in Italy and abroad.


By 1940 the workshop was too small and Giuseppe moved to a building in Via IV Novembre where the company assumed all the characteristics of an industrial activity. Here with more space and his woodworking capabilities he was able to increase the number of accordion models and even build custom instruments. Here with the support of his 3 sons Giuseppe expanded his worldwide business and in particular the USA.


At this time – the 1940’s, Moreschi & Figli as the company is now known, has 150 workers and becomes the third largest employer in Castelfidardo – only the factories of the Sopranis’ (Paolo & Settimio) are larger. The trend for the company is very positive and continues to be for the next 20 years during which time, in 1956, Giuseppe passes away.


In the 1960’s the third generation of the Moreschi family, Giuseppes’ grandsons Toni and Franco, start working in the factory. It is the advent of the electronic accordion and many are built that incorporate the “modern” sounds.


Then in the 70’s, crisis hits the accordion industry and Castelfidardo especially.

Many companies decide to close, diversify or restructure including Moreschi.


However, the youngest of Giuseppe’s grandsons, Mario wants this famous accordion name to continue. He takes over the business in 1978 and with the collaboration of local workers continues to produce accordions with the Moreschi brand.


In 1995 Mario, in partnership with Giansandro Breccia, forms the present company “Pasco Italia” to further expand the accordion business. His son, Michele Moreschi, joins the company the year before his death in 2011.


Michele becomes the fourth generation in the business and makes Moreschi the oldest family run accordion business in Castelfidardo.